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The e-commerce market stands among the most in-demand sectors out there. With more and more digital inclination, e-commerce businesses are welcoming an ever-growing community of consumers. From ‘product-centric only’ to ‘customer-centric also’, the e-commerce industry has registered severe transformation over the years. Today, online marketplaces are all about impressing customers while offering a better exchange of product information

Multitasking to cater to all the migrating business needs seems infeasible. However, the assistance of Backup Infotech services removes all the roadblocks to aligning the right technology with your business. Our team leverages the most recent technologies to design standard platforms and integrate surging features, keeping your online business according to the recent trends. Moreover, enhance customer experience and serve what they expect with our premium e-commerce services and solutions. We assure to adhere by your side right from the initial developmental phase to the growing and supporting stages of your business.

our e-commerce services and solutions

Web Designing :
The design of your online store plays a pivotal role in appealing to your customers. At the same time, it should be tolerant enough to hold the database and process secured payment. Access each of these features and much more with our professional e-commerce website development services.
Polishing Online Store :
Our team delivers proficient development of both the back-end and front-end of your web store. Also, our expert e-commerce app development service encourages and facilitates even the mobile audience to connect with your store easily.
Technology Driven Experience :
We enhance your online store with as many cutting-edge technologies as possible for raising the customer experience to the highest. From AI-driven recommendations to voice-powered shopping and bot salespeople, we accumulate all the tools to edge over your business.
Ecommerce Digital Marketing :
We leverage the best digital marketing services to bring your online business in front of massive audiences. The various marketing campaigns act as stepping stones for your store to climb up and reach the top. Content marketing, email marketing, SEO, and social media marketing – all of these surging services assemble in our digital marketing package.
E-commerce Testing :
We do not end after delivering developmental and marketing services. Our solution even extends to e-commerce testing. Verifying the integrated functionalities and analyzing the store behavior in different scenarios is the breakdown of e-commerce testing services at Backup Infotech.
Ecommerce Auditing :
Auditing even the foundational layer of an e-commerce store is necessary for forging the premium experience. Our team performs a broad investigation to detect the technical source code errors, features malfunctioning, SEO malpractices, and all factors hindering the store growth.