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Most of the world’s population is served by mobile networks, about 90%. Mobile technology has the potential to enhance educational outcomes, the delivery of education is being altered. Educators can assess students’ understanding in real-time, guide students based on their performance with 1000s of others and provide distance tutoring.
Worldwide access to primary education is made possible for instructors and students via digital education software. and make each learner’s experience unique With the help of digital classrooms, platforms, cloud, social, IoT, AI, and many other technologies, edtech provides an interactive, personalised, and accessible learning experience for everyone, regardless of age, ability, or culture. This is one of the main drivers of edtech’s growing global market share.
Assembling, customising, and sharing learning materials, assuring interaction and cooperation on concepts, assessing progress and feedback, and adhering to specified standards are just a few of the ways we engage with customers to achieve the required learning results.
Learning Management System :
LMS is a tool that is used by organisations, schools, teachers, and educators to design, manage, track, report, and deliver educational courses and programmes. These platforms and integrated services give a reliable, secure, and well-positioned system for managing tutoring and learning via media-driven e-courses.
E-tools for collaboration and assessment :
E-learning resources like audio-visual aids as instructional resources, live streaming, gaming-like interfaces, e-books, open-ended or multiple-choice questionnaires, whiteboards, analytical dashboards, and more provide the comprehensive virtual assistance that students and teachers need, whether it be for corporate or vocational learning, courses offered by formal education institutions or private tuition.
online marketplaces for tutors :
Online teaching and learning are being revolutionised by the need for better user experiences. Using data driven tools, personalised content, and unique matching, we help instructors use education technologies to increase engagement for their courses and services and better support the goals of the learners.
Business Analytics:
creating cooperative analytics systems to obtain knowledge about the complete customer experience, enabling them to start their own customised customer journeys. BigData and AI are used in this process to enable predictions, patterns, analytics, and data visualisation for the purpose of developing well-informed decision-making processes. Our data analytics solutions are very helpful to the sourcing and procurement industries since they can decode inventory based on a variety of parameters.