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Moodle-driven websites are changing the operability of millions of businesses around the world. Businesses are generating a larger revenue, and registering an exponential growth-curve by leveraging Moodle websites into the processes. In other words, Moodle framework has joined the league of the most preferred CMS frameworks for enterprises. As a result of increased demand for Moodle websites, a crater of efficient Moodle development scarcity has erupted over the years.

We, at Backup Infotech, are continuously contributing towards bridging the demand-supply gap with our robust Moodle development services. We house a team of Moodle professionals who have worked hard and overcame complex problems in the website development industry. Through a diverse portfolio, we understand the workflow of several industries and supply business-uplifting solutions to our clients.

Advantages of Moodle in CMS Development

Are you surrounded by second thoughts on choosing Moodle for your website development? Here are
some compelling points for convincing you on the choice of Moodle as the right decision.



Being an open-source platform, you don’t have to pay anything extra for using Moodle for your project development.



Moodle comes with a high degree of easy customization for developers and users. You can mold a Moodle website with identifiable entities about your brand easily.



The Moodle framework is highly interactive and legible, even for a naïve. Such user-friendly aspects encourage the viewers of your website to interact with it and move down the sales funnel.


Manageable Content:

Content management is simple with Moodle framework. You can manipulate the existing content, integrate new ones, and change the layout comfortably with Moodle.


Plugins Integration:

The market is flooding with a myriad of Moodle plugins designed to address simple and complex concerns.
Moodle development

Our Moodle Solutions

Team Backup Infotech specializes in leveraging years of experience for
productive Moodle development solutions.

1. Custom Moodle Development: Your industry and business have specific needs that are distinct from the others. So, our team comes up with unique solutions that target all your demands while benefitting your business.

2. Moodle Theme Designing: Website design is the most influencing parameter for your audience. Our creative team embeds a unique layout that resonates with your industry and captures a massive audience.

3. Moodle Migration and Integration: Our Moodle professionals are experts in migrating your non-Moodle website to the Moodle framework. Moreover, we also integrate the trickiest third-party tools and extensions in your website for providing a digital edge to your business.

4. Moodle Plugins Development: We realize that the relative plugins for some of your requirements are not available in the market readily. In such a scenario, we even develop impeccable plugins that address your need precisely.

5. Moodle Support and Maintenance: Being a technological product, even the finest Moodle website requires continuous monitoring, maintenance, and support. Our team remains 24/7 available to answer all your troubles and concerns regarding the Moodle website.