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The advantages of Joomla are no longer concealed from the enterprises. Businesses are leveraging Joomla for enhancing the operability and driving larger profitability. Content management systems development using Joomla has emerged to be in excessive demand among all, ranging from small-scaled to large-scaled enterprises. Consequently, the trend has opened avenues for Joomla development across the globe.

As the leading Joomla development company, Backup Infotech takes charge of all your CMS development projects on the Joomla framework. Our years of experience in the Joomla industry enables us to deliver agile and resonating solutions that add more value to your business. We even cater to your vaguest requirements and address each of them through our well-tested and robust Joomla solutions.

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Why Joomla?

Are you wondering about what makes Joomla the best platform for your business projects? Here are the most convincing reasons for using Joomla for a CMS-driven website.
  1. Secured Platform: Joomla is a widely-used platform around the world. Such massive adaptability compels the framework-developers to integrate security-enhancing features for robust web development processes.

  2. Support: Joomla is a versatile framework showing compatibility with multiple databases and servers like MSSQL/Oracle and LiteSpeed/Windows.

  3. Interactive: Joomla offers highly interactive entities in a CMS website. Using simple and easy features, the interface becomes attractive and encourages the audience in moving down your sales funnel.

  4. Capturing Themes: Joomla themes are readily available in the market, with a wide variety of features and industry-resonating designs.

Our Offerings

Backup Infotech brings the ultimate Joomla suite to provide an impeccable digital edge to your business.

Custom Website Development:
Specific requirements need tailored solutions. Our team analyzes your demands and comes up with a robust blueprint for developing premium Joomla websites for your business.
UI/UX Designing:
Apart from cutting-edge features, a successful website entails a capturing and unique layout. We even take care of all the UI/UX designing in your Joomla website, so that you don’t miss out on any digital trend.
Custom Plugins Development:
Our team develops utility plugins for your Joomla website to cover even your trickiest requirements.
Third-Party Integrations:
Come to us with any integration needs, and our team will embed them into your Joomla website seamlessly, without obstructing the site performance.
Migration Services:
Impressed by Joomla benefits, if you wish to upgrade your non-Joomla website to the Joomla frameworks, our team does it for you effortlessly.
Support and Maintenance:
Much like any other website, Joomla-driven sites require continuous maintenance for efficient functioning and working in trend. Our team stays ready to provide around-the-clock support to all your Joomla site issues.