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The retail landscape witnessed a multifold revolution with the onset of digital transformation in the industry. The conventional shopping mode migrated to the online platform just as the consumers understood the encompassed convenience latterly. The eCommerce industry is flourishing, and so is the online store development industry using the Woocommerce tools. With a better opportunity to attract the target audience through uplifted SEO strategies, retailers are pacing to launch their Woocommerce-driven venture on the web.

Backup Infotech understands the increased demands in the eCommerce development industry and empowers your business with several Woocommerce solutions. Our robust workforce leverages years of valuable experience in the eCommerce industry to curate sustaining solutions for our clientele. A continuous in-house upskilling drive mitigates risks in developing your web project.

How Woocommerce Brings Value to Your Business?

A myriad of exclusive features make Woocommerce the best online store
    building toolkit and extremely valuable to an online business.

  • SEO edge: Since Woocommerce integrates with WordPress, your online store benefits from the SEO-friendly aspects of a WordPress-driven website.
  • Payment Integration: Woocommerce is a strictly online store developing tool. Since eCommerce is all about transactions and billing, Woocommerce comes with built-in gateways for processing payments effortlessly.
  • Shipping Management: Woocommerce lets you provide comprehensive shipping information on the online store. From calculating domestic to international shipping rates, Woocommerce does it all for you.
  • Inventory Management: With the Woocommerce plugin, you can update the stock quantities voluntarily when new arrivals join the store. It also updates the stocks automatically right after a successful order and payment.
Woocommerce Development

Our Woocommerce Solutions

Our Woocommerce solutions are at par with the global standards, leading
to devising faultless online stores for your business.

1. Custom Woocommerce Development:

We offer customized Woocommerce solutions aligning with your industry and simplifying the consumer interaction with your business. Apart from the must-have store features, our team integrates even the good-to-have features to provide an edge to your online store.

2. Woocommerce Template Designing:

For appealing to a massive audience, your store must have a capturing and unique layout. Our creative team designs impressive templates for your store while keeping the latest industry trends in the foreground.

3. Woocommerce Plugins Development:

We cater to all your requirements, even those that are not integrable using the readymade Woocommerce and WordPress plugins. In such a scenario, our developers create robust plugins that address even your most complex needs.

4. Woocommerce Integration:

Integrating third-party extensions in your web store is a cakewalk for our developers. We can embed any plugins and tools which you ask for into the website.15

5. Woocommerce Migration:

Regardless of how big is your existing database, our proficient team migrates your web store to the Woocommerce platform seamlessly.

6. Woocommerce Support and Maintenance:

Critical aspects like inventory management and payment might require sudden expert assistance and ongoing maintenance. Our experts watch your website closely and take necessary actions whenever needed.