The New Year is approaching!

With the coming year, it is important to build a robust social media marketing strategy to boost your business and keep it ahead of competitors.

With social media marketing, entrepreneurs target their respective audiences to reach wider customers and market their products/services. Earlier marketing was confined to door-to-door or offline, which was limited to a particular geographical area. However, with online marketing (social media marketing in other terms), the limitation of the geographical area was removed, and no more door-to-door knocking for advertising the products or services.

Are you excited to get a detailed knowledge of social media marketing? Let’s lift up the curtains.

What is Social Media Marketing?

We all know about social media; for example: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and marketing products or services over these platforms is called social media marketing (SMM). It is done with pre-planned and robust strategies.

Social media platforms are the home to users of all ages. Therefore, marketing the products over these platforms ensures huge traffic to your website. To carry out social media campaigns, various social media management tools are required to bring out the best of social media.

What are the benefits of Social Media Marketing?

Marketing products or services through social media would allow businesses to connect with users. Just imagine, if your business gets visible to one user, and the user did an activity to it- like or share, then it will ultimately be seen by the other connections of the user. Let’s have a look at some of its benefits:

  • Increase the brand awareness
  • Generate leads and boost conversion
  • Foster relationships with customers
  • Make you learn from your competitors

What are the Types of Social Media Marketing?

There are majorly 3 types of social media marketing campaigns- prospecting, retargeting, and conversion campaigns.

1. The Prospecting Campaign

The prospecting campaign refers to targeting new customers for your product or service. The result of this campaign is to not sell your products or services but to let them join your business.

For a successful prospecting campaign, the marketer must do thorough research of keywords, create a list of potential prospects, and find ways to approach them.

2. The Retargeting Campaign

The retargeting campaign, as the name suggests, is to retarget the customers who once engaged with the business but didn’t approach further towards conversion. This campaign targets users who already visited your website in the past, clicked links, responded to conversations on the social media page, added items to the cart but not bought, and subscribed to marketing emails.

3. The Conversion Campaign

The conversion campaign is to convert the users into leads. It focuses on deeper engagement with users as they share their valuable data like email, address, or phone number. This crucial information of users will assist marketers in refining their online targeting and conversions.

What are the Best Social Media Marketing Platforms?

Some of the best social media marketing platforms are:

1. Facebook

Facebook is a highly established and widely popular social media platform. It has approx. 1.9 billion daily active users, mainly generation X, and Millennials. This platform is best for increasing brand awareness and advertising business through advanced advertising tools.

2. Instagram

Instagram is quite famous for its high-quality images/videos, user-generated content, and advertising. It has approx. 1 billion monthly active users, primarily millennials.

3. Pinterest

Pinterest is another popular platform with 444 million monthly active users. It is considered best for visual advertising. It is a great platform for inspiring individuals for things including fashion to home decor.

Apart from these, some other behemoths in social media are Twitter, LinkedIn, and You Tube.

How does Social Media Marketing Work?

Social media marketing work best if you follow a proper strategy. We, at Backup Infotech, follow a robust approach to building an effective social media marketing strategy.

Our 6-step approach includes the following steps:

  • Research of buyer personas and audience
  • Examining the type of social platforms to the target audience
  • Establishing metrics and KPIs
  • Analyze the competitors
  • Creation of unique and engaging content
  • Organizing schedule for posts

How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Business?

Social media marketing has a lot to offer to businesses. Let’s have a look at how it is going to benefit your business:

  • Social media act as a powerful way that allows 2-way conversations with potential consumers.
  • With SMM, establishing trust with customers is possible. Marketers can easily engage with the audience.
  • This ultimately results in loyalty to the brand. Customers become loyal to your business.
  • Social media marketing lets marketers integrate with other channels as well which helps in boosting the campaigns.
  • Through SMM, marketers can convert more leads by raising awareness among the audience.


With this comprehensive guide to social media marketing platforms, it would become easy for you to get an introduction about social platforms and how to make use of these platforms effectively for the growth of your business.

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