You would be living under a stone if you haven’t heard about the success stories of numerous tech startup businesses and the various applications launched by them. But there are good chances, you might don’t know about the hardships and complexities such a young company has to undergo to reach the height of success. When every day a new app is being launched, it can be really tough to launch an app that would stand out from rest of the crowd. No, definitely not an easy job. With the mobile app download market predicted to touch 352.9 billon by 2012, these things are more than enough to give app developers and some of the best mobile app development companies in Mohali sleepless nights. Well, right now developing a mobile app on some pre-tried clicked idea is nothing but a suicide and that too with all your investments.

In such a dynamic scenario, you are need of an innovative, unique and out of the box app idea which is one of its kind. These days you would find numerous students, with bright ideas, developing their own apps. Though it isn’t as easy as it sounds, but several of them are doing really well.

Now the success of your mobile app highly depends on the following factors:

  • The selection of your targeted market that is sync with your niche
  • Research and market study
  • Reviewable of the competitors’ apps
  • Working on the success and failure factors of apps
  • Develop a unique approach towards apps
  • Zeroing out the latest working trends of the industry
  • Creating a marketing buzz to make it hit

Now here are some trends for apps that you can follow for the year 2020:

Go for VR enable apps:

     VR is one of the most trending technologies of these days and is making once unimaginable things possible and that too in jiffy. Armored by different capabilities that can unveil an entirely new world in front of humans, VR is growing by leaps and bounds and is surprising us with its numerous features. But still, this technology has a lot that is still unexplored. So, if you are daring enough, you can think of implementing VR capabilities in a healthcare or dating app and make it a whole lot different from what is already present in the Play Stores.

  • Make chatbots your ally: Chatbots are working for websites for quite a long time, but for apps, well the speed here is slow. There are many companies that are creating chatbots exclusively for apps. With customized chatbots, your customers can navigate the app easily, without any constraints.
  • Healthcare apps: Many things fall under the category of luxury, but surely healthcare isn’t one of them. With ongoing advancements in healthcare in both private and government sector, healthcare apps are going to be on a rise. You can get in partnership with any hospital and can create app catering to the needs of patients.

With that being said, these are some of the mobile app trends that can help your app shine like the North Star in the year 2020.