Though there is a very minuscule difference between the basics of usual SEO and enterprise SEO, the difference between the SEO strategies for a blog, a comparison website and an e-commerce platform are quite evident.

SEO, being one of the main components of digital marketing services include a standard checklist such as meta properties, XML sitemap, image optimization, highly researched lengthy content articles, alt tags that might work well for a smaller website or the ones that have standard blog-style. But if we are talking about a website with more than tens of thousands of pages, we are entering an altogether different zone. Here, we require enterprise SEO or the real ‘technical SEO’. The focus now shifts to automated tagging, site-structure, crawl budget optimization, utilization of canonical tagging for the dynamic pages of website and the likes. So, to help you with enterprise SEO, today we are going to discuss some tips regarding the same.

  • Over Optimization isn’t a Myth

SEO can be a tricky methodology for many. While creating SEO strategies, you would include the optimization of the content and website so that it can rank well with the search engines. But always keep in mind that too much of everything is bad. You might get penalized in your Google Search Console if you abuse microdata markups.

  • Think about Branding

Though backlinks are important, when we are talking about a website of such level, branding is something that requires your focus. Think of viral marketing, branding campaigns and user generated content.

  • Focus on Server Optimization & Cyber Security

Technical SEO such as server optimization and cyber security is of utmost importance at this point. Sit with your IT team and work over website error maintenance, XML sitemap troubleshooting and optimization, server speed, security, mobile friendliness, search boot monitoring, website structure and other such factors.

  • Win the Challenge of Creating Quality Content

Now there are several things such as dynamic XML sitemaps that technology can help you to automate, there are several other things that can’t be automated without putting the content quality at the risk. Here you need to define how and what type of content is being generated by your website.

With that being said, these are a few tips that can help you to excel in enterprise SEO and can match the global standards without breaking a sweat.