Though hard to believe, we are entering the last phase of the decade. The internet is still growing in leaps and bounds and has made several transitions. This decade has witnessed some of the major transformations in terms of AI, VR, reign of mobile, among others. As exciting all these new technologies are, the real change and effect of all of them can be clearly seen in the website designing trends. In the past few years, the overall design has been inclined more towards creativity: monotonous grids and the usual images have been abandoned for bold color, vibrant illustrations and asymmetrical layouts.

Collected here are some of the trends that can be called as the dominating website designs of the year 2019. But that doesn’t mean there is no space of your designers’ creativity. But if your designing team is still stuck on the grids n stock photos, it is the time to make the last call. To help you with that, we are here discussing 5 major website trends that should be followed in the year 2019 to get the expected ROI. So, let’s get started.

  1. Black & White Color Palette: For a long time, colors ruled the website design, but it is slowly changing. Now, more and more websites are opting the classic monochromatic scheme. White can be perceived as clean and reserved shade while black is assertive and bold. Combing both gives you a striking background, perfect for any website.
  2. Organic, Natural Shapes: Earlier, geometric shapes were prevalent as they created a sense of stability. But since last year, designers are more inclined towards natural and organic shapes. These shapes usually don’t have sharp corners and they add a depth to the whole design that makes elements stand out.
  3. Micro Interactions: The last thing you want your website is boring. And micro-interactions is the perfect solution for the same. Every time there is a slight action on the app or website, there is a specific response and this response is known as micro-interaction. It is one of the best ways to engage your audience.

Other that these, there are several other trends in website designing that we will discuss next time. So, if you want more such inputs about web designing in Mohali, keep watching this space.