I used to have the same routine, pressure of achieving the weekly, fortnightly and monthly targets, almost no increment or appreciations and cut throat competition. Though I had a few great colleagues with whom time used to fly, I never felt as a part of the family. Why? The reason is simple; companies hire resources who work for them, not people who can form a big family out of the company. This was something that always bothered me, irrespective of the organization I was serving.

After a few years, I got tired of this blind rat race and thought of taking a break to ponder over the whole situation. And during a fateful morning, an idea popped up: why not start a family of my own (not literally, duh!) This is how Backup InfoTech was conceived. I won’t be lying: initial few months were difficult, but thanks to the constant support of Backup InfoTech family, I never lost hope. One thing that was, is and will always be my priority is to ensure that we always remain as a FAMILY rather a mere company.

Now you would be wondering what exactly happens in the family of Backup InfoTech. The answer is whatever happens in a normal family, same happens here too. We have our own moments of ups and downs, but what remains constant is our mutual respect and support towards each other. We understand each other completely and we are your Backup plan in every challenge that life throws on you.

This vision of Backup InfoTech is a part of our recruiting process as well. Whenever we hire a new candidate, it isn’t only the experience or the overall qualification against which the candidate is assessed for. Our candidate undergoes a complete personality and attitude assessment so that we can understand the candidate in question in a better way. This helps them to know us and the other family members as well.

For many, this vision may be an unprofitable one, but trust me, after watching smiles all around myself; I receive a gratification and satisfaction that is way beyond than any profit. Now, let’s change one word here: